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Mai Clown is a Circus-Theater company created in 2016 by Maité. Clown, actress and aerial acrobat.
Maité sitting with a book in the show ALONE
 Mercury strolling defiantly
Illustration of Maite Esteban in the gym with a weight
ALONE show stage
ALONE making music with the kitchen pots, on a POP background
Ilustration Alone
Show kitchen ALONE
Close up of ALONE smiling with red hair
Maité Esteban Oliva
 Maité's face of disbelief in the show ALONE


ALONE enters her house and succeeds, she is ALONE! She is the smartest, most beautiful and queen of the house. Loneliness, competition, pride and forgiveness are some of the challenges that this clown will face, just like each of us does every day.
 Maité's laughing face in the show TENTACIÓN DIVINA


Mercury comes down to earth for the first time in Divine Mission. He is a being without vices or prejudices loose in this world, full of adventures and temptations.


Here I leave you the next performances. I wait for you to have a good time and have a laugh.
Next performances
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