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Actress / Clown / Circus Performer
Maité Esteban Oliva
 ALONE recycling an egg carton with a surprised face
 The angel Mercury in the show Tentación Divina
Divine Temptation

Argentinian clown, actress and aerial acrobat. He began his acting training in Buenos Aires at the Río Abierto Institute and at the San Martín Cultural Center.

In Madrid, Clown with Jesús Jarra, Lluna Albert, Hernán Gené, Gabriel Chamé and Walter Velázquez. Dramatic art in Estudio 3 with Agustín Bellusci and Fernando Orecchio, Armed with Comic Routines with Walter Velásquez, Dance with Michel Man, Circus in CARAMPA, E.M.C.A. in Alcorcón and annual circus course at the Charivari Circus-Theater school, where he specializes in aerial techniques such as fabrics, spinning rope and trapeze. Aerial Dance in Argentina.

In 2002 he created his own company MIRRUMBA with which he worked performing numerous clown and aerial shows until 2007.

From then on, together with Emilio Rodriguez José, he joined ARTLEQUIN, a company with which he creates and produces numerous circus theater shows.

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  •  The angel Mercury choosing a child to go on stage
  • The angel Mercury doing acrobatics with fabrics
  •  ALONE balancing on a bed
  •  ALONE sitting on the cloths, looking up in surprise
  •  ALONE with head down loaded with shopping balls
  •  ALONE raising an analog phone in victory

MaiClown was born in 2016. His own company and creates “Divine Temptation”, unipersonal, Clown and aerial work.

With this show, he toured Festivals in Spain, Austria, Mexico, Argentina and Portugal. Tour in 2020 and 2021 in the Madrid Theater Network.

He combines work with his company with collaborations with other companies such as Cia. Hernán Gené, Cía. Endless, Bambolea, Artlequin, Kungfusion and others.

ALONE is his new one-man show for physical, clown and aerial theatre. A meticulous work of dramaturgy and scenic investigation where he manages through gag, humor and laughter to move the audience and make them reflect on loneliness, mistakes, relationships and forgiveness.

She has a degree in Image and Sound from the University of Buenos Aires and circus teacher since 2004, working as a circus trainer with all ages in circus schools such as: ARRIBAS CIRCUS – TENT – CIRCUS PRICE.


A day without laughing is a day lost

If you’re interested in a show, just know that I have some weird friends.

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