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New Maiclown Show
Maité's face of disbelief in the show ALONE
Maité Esteban
Theatre, clown and aerial
All public
Street or room
  • ALONE in a jacket in a room with red light and a picture of his mother on the wall
  • ALONE sitting with a book and looking excited
  • ALONE playing chess with his imaginary friend
  • ALONE at home with a face of joy and surprise
  • ALONE sleeping on a cloth and a mask
  •  ALONE dancing in the kitchen and making music with the pots
Finally alone


ALONE enters her house and makes it, she is ALONE! She is the smartest, most beautiful and queen of the house. Yeah! Because she is ALONE!

This is how this story begins, moods that go from pleasure to despair that are altered by a constant multitude of gags, problems and past stories that go through her with each of the situations that appear in this house, she imagines and builds ALONE.

Loneliness, competition, pride and forgiveness are some of the challenges this clown will face, just like each one of us does every day.

  •  ALONE in his kitchen making music with the pots
  •  Inglés ALONE levantando un teléfono analógico en señal de victoria ALONE raising an analog phone in victory
  •  ALONE on her knees in her kitchen lamenting the fall of her invisible friend
  •  ALONE on her knees in her kitchen lamenting the fall of her invisible friend
  •  ALONE doing stunts with the fabrics
  •  ALONE looking in the mirror with a mask on the neck
Be yourself alone


Alone talks about ourselves when we are alone. To get home, take off the layers that we wear in society, to finally, in solitude, be yourself.

How do we look and feel when we are alone? Alone confronts us with our mistakes in our relationships, in being with the other and what causes their absence. A show that makes you feel, reflect, get excited, think and laugh equally.

How easy it seems and how difficult it is to know how to ask for FORGIVENESS.

STAGE LANGUAGE. Alone works from the clown all the situations that happen. Use languages ​​such as dance, juggling, magic and aerial webs.

Clown alter ego


ALONE has been brewing in me for a long time. The clown represents an alter ego for me, an unfolding of my own image and personality in what I recreate, identify with and want others to see in themselves.

A couple of years ago I made some short videos where ALONE, in his house, let us see his own misery, his privacy and personal way of dealing with his conflicts. From those videos the idea and project of taking it to stage arose. These are the first steps of ALONE:

This is my second solo show. With the first one, Tentación Divina, I performed in several countries and many festivals. I toured in the Red de Teatros de Madrid and there is still a long way to go.

I want to do this show because I think ALONE has a lot to tell. I have a lot to go through and learn in this profession and I think this is a worthy challenge for it.


Data sheet

ALONE has been made and developed by CIA Maiclown with the collaboration of top-level artists. Always with a lot of effort and a lot of love.
Technical team

Artist: Maité Esteban Oliva
Director: Walter Velázquez
Lighting designer: Beatriz Rubio
Costumes: Dressing (Ana Marani).
Choreography: Vanesa Miranda.
Scenography: Luciana Casenave.
Sound: Fernando Terol
Graphic design: Luciana Castelli

Times show

Assembly: 3 hours (estimated)
Disassembly: 2 hours. (estimated)
Duration of the show: 50 MIN.

Street show needs

Width: 8 mt
Depth: 8 mt.
Height: 7 meters.

Flat ground with no slope for mounting the structure (autonomous, does not need anchors).

Preferably with a close background.


1 person responsible for the Festival during assembly.

ROOM show needs

Width: 8 mt
Depth: 8 mt.
Height: 7 mt. (if the height does not allow it, the aerial number is changed to a comic floor acrobatics number).

Technician responsible for light in the room.


Maité Esteban

Cia MaiClown

Maité Esteban Oliva
If you want to hire this show, do not hesitate to get in touch. I am on the other side. ALONE.
No. Telephone

Upcoming performances

I wait for you to have a good time and have a laugh.
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