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New Maiclown Show


ALONE enters her house and succeeds, she is ALONE! She is the smartest, most beautiful and queen of the house. Yeah! Because she is ALONE!

This is how this story begins, moods that go from pleasure to despair that are altered from a constant multitude of gags, problems and past stories that go through her with each of the situations she encounters. in this house they appear, imagine and build ALONE.

Loneliness, competition, pride and forgiveness are some of the challenges this clown will face, just like each one of us does every day.

 ALONE talking to a stuffed dog
 ALONE thoughtful with a jacket, red ambient light
 ALONE pensive, sitting with a book in her hands
Since 2023
An irreverent, challenging and unimputable angel!!!


Mercury is an angel. Or should we rather say… a restless spirit, eager for learning and emotions; bored and stuck in heaven???

Worryingly carefree, dangerously curious, suspiciously naive, and highly interpretive…wrong, but interpretive nonetheless. Mercury descends to earth for the first time in the Divine Mission. He is a being without vices or prejudices loose in this world, full of adventures and temptations.

Mercury wants and will try everything!!!

 The angel Mercury with his skateboard and pilot glasses
 The angel Mercury sitting on a cloud and surprised to see a hand coming out of the clouds
 The angel Mercury playing tennis with a giant lollipop
Since 2016
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