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Where are
the notes?

Pedagogical children’s show of introduction and approach to music.
Maité Esteban
Nati Martín
Street or room
  • Dorotea and Renata on stage making notes
  • Dorotea and Renata on stage interacting with the public
  • Renata on stage
  • Dorotea and Renata with a cake and a rooster
  •  Dorotea and Renata on stage sitting with a guitar and a rooster
  • Renata teaching the cocks to the children
Where are the notes?


The 7 notes have been lost. Dorotea and Renata must find them because music without them… is in danger! With the help of the girls and boys they will try to reunite them and make them ring again!

What is DO like?, What does RE taste like?, What does MI like?, LA > can you fly?

We will discover these questions and many more things through this show that combines theater, magic, circus, sensory aspects and peculiar instruments such as a piano that is played with the feet or musical bells

Using the tale of “The 10 Chickens”, the company makes this adaptation of its own creation to lead the girls and boys in this story through notes and music.

  • Dorotea y Renata sentadas en el suelo del escenario
  • Dorotea y Renata en el escenario con una guitarra y con una cita de tela
  • Dorotea y Renata en el escenario pensativas
  • Dorotea y Renata en el escenario con las manos en la cara sorprendidas
  • Dorotea y Renata en el escenario mostrando un gallo rojo

Pedagogical children’s show


The musical story is an essential didactic resource in the E.I. stage, based on the fact that it stimulates concentration and the ability to memorize, psychomotor and language development,…

This project’s ultimate goal is to bring Music closer to the girls and boys of E.I. and, with it, the promotion of values ​​such as Respect for Diversity, Tolerance and Peace

In addition, Music helps us to develop body expression, creativity and imagination, as well as the ability to relate to our environment and with others. By bringing you this story with multiple resources, Dorotea, Renata and their little chickens want to help awaken and promote interest and love for Music. They also really want to help boys and girls express their musicality through the discovery and practice of sounds and their different ways of presenting themselves and making us feel.

Bring music to children


TOUR 2021

70 functions in the different Children’s Schools of the Madrid City Council, within the framework of external activities, covered by the Child Education Service and Other Programs of the General Directorate of Families, Children, Education and Youth, adapting each occasion according to the characteristics and peculiarities of the center, as well as having the current COVID regulations.

TOUR 2022

Cultural Centers of the Community of Madrid.

Currently, he continues his tour in numerous nursery schools in the Community of Madrid, Cultural Centers and theaters.


Data sheet

Where are the Notes? It has been made and developed by CIA Maiclown and CIA Produzen. Always with a lot of effort and a lot of love.

Technical team

Children’s show of humor, magic, swing and music.

Recommended ages: +2 years.

Companies: MaiClown and Produzen

Idea and interpretation: Maité Estebany Nati Martín

Show times

Assembly: 1 hour (estimated)
Disassembly: 1 hour. (estimated)
Duration of the show: 45 MIN.

Street show needs

– Minimum stage space 5mx5m.
– Dressing room.
– Light socket near stage.

ROOM show needs

– Minimum stage space 5mx5m.
– Dressing room.
– Light socket near stage.
– Return on stage to send the music from the stage (if there is no return on stage, 1 person from the room to send music from the booth).
– Fixed stage lights. 1 person from the room responsible for lighting.

Maité Esteban

Cía MaiClown

Maité Esteban Oliva
If you want to hire this show, do not hesitate to contact us. We are singing and looking for the 7 notes.
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